The Daylighting Society

March Update

We’ve recently made progress on a number of fronts. We have been organizing a cryptoparty in Troy with several local students, slated for early April. We have also made contact with an anarchist collective in New York City, which has asked us to run a workshop there on surveillance issues and steps for personal privacy.

There have been significant updates to four software projects:

  • SpeakFree (Microphone Jammer)

    • Version 1.0.1 released!

    • Lots of small improvements to the UI, and a few bug fixes

    • Now working on releasing to F-Droid

  • SafeGuard (Dead Man Switch for Protesters)

    • Development initiated!

    • Starting with an Electron-based cross-platform client

      • Can be left running on a PC at home

      • Configure the app with login details and an email

      • Sends the email if not disarmed in time

  • SocMap (Twitter Community Mapping)

    • Several analysis tools added

    • Lots of testing and debugging

  • Where are the Eyes (Camera Map)

    • Fixed the registration bug

    • Mostly done building a web-client for viewing the map

      • Just some CSS issues left
    • Implemented several new features and bug fixes in iOS

      • Working on parity on Android
    • Approaching 1.4 release

Posted 3/13/18