The Daylighting Society

Active Projects

Where are the Eyes

Where are the Eyes is a program for detecting and mapping surveillance cameras. It reveals locations of heavy and light surveillance, allowing the public to protect their privacy, and activists to schedule events based on available surveillance.


The Paillier Cryptosystem is an unusual type of cryptography that allows messages to be added together while encrypted, and can verify that a message comes from an acceptable set without decrypting it.

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Prototype Projects

These are unfinished projects created by our members. They should not be considered secure but may be interesting from a design perspective. We put them here in the hope that they will inspire other engineers and programmers.

Puddle - A distributed and anonymous search engine

TorHost - Trivially host files over Tor

Other Projects

These projects are not built by the society, but deserve recognition for their work protecting anonymity or illuminating the surveillance state.

Anonymity Networks

Tor - Global onion routing network

I2P - The Invisible Internet Project

Communication Tools

Ricochet - Anonymous messaging over Tor

Signal - Encrypted phone calls and texts

Onion Share - Effortlessly host files over Tor

Personal Encryption

GPG - Good for encrypting and signing files and emails

VeraCrypt - Good for partition and full-disk encryption