The Daylighting Society

February Update

Hey everyone!

A month and a half and lots of progress later, sounds like time for an update post. First, we have a new member! I’m very excited to announce Val Kwart has joined the team; she’ll be leading the zine project mentioned loosely in the January plan. We’re going to produce a periodic journal aimed at other activists, filled with tactics and news updates. If you have anything you’d like to write about for this zine, or would like to be more involved in the project, let Val or myself know, and we’ll get started right away.

Updates on other active projects:

  • SpeakFree (Microphone Jammer)

    • Taylor is working on some last minute bug-fixes related to saving files on Android

    • Amanda is working on image assets for the Play Store

    • We should be ready to publish to the Play Store and F-Droid on the 19th

  • SafeGuard (Dead Man Switch)

    • Ethan has been in contact with activists and journalists, establishing the exact target demographic and feature set

    • Outlining technical design next

    • Website coming soon

  • SocMap (Draws maps of Twitter communities)

    • Rapid progress! We have a prototype that collects data, and draws maps out to an arbitrary number of layers

    • Needs a means of recovering from partial downloads if interrupted, and a lot of tools for pruning the huge datasets

    • Website tentatively ready, mostly waiting on a project logo

  • Where are the Eyes (Camera Map)

    • Found some new bugs, one preventing new user registration in some cases

    • Also crashes or doesn’t work correctly on a small subset of phones (Including Jazmyn’s)

    • No new development work

Lastly, I’ve just put the profiles for our latest members online, so you can see everyone at

It’s been an exciting year so far, and I remain very enthusiastic looking forward.


Posted 2/12/18